About The Artist

Working in the rural splendour of the south coast of Western Australia Chris Lee has earned a reputation as a maker of fine objects in a variety of materials, primarily metal and wood. He crafts furniture, small sculptural items and also larger items such as gates, staircases and balustrades from steel. In stainless steel, anything from large balustrades for modern buildings to an intricate life size sculpture of a White Faced Heron can be seen emerging from his workshop. Working with copper has long been a passion and Chris specialises in creative nature based windvanes made from copper sheet.

Chris produces work for local galleries and also some exhibitions as well as creating specific pieces for clients such as spiral staircases, benches and furniture. He enjoys the process of turning client dreams into reality so please get in touch if you would like to discuss your project and get some ideas about design and costs. He can work from photos and drawings and freight work to you if required.

Chris Lee at Work